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AgroR Performs the analysis of completely randomized experimental designs (CRD), randomized blocks (RBD) and Latin square (LSD), experiments in double and triple factorial scheme (in CRD and RBD), experiments in subdivided plot scheme (in CRD and RBD), subdivided and joint analysis of experiments in CRD and RBD, linear regression analysis, test for two samples. The package performs analysis of variance, ANOVA assumptions and multiple comparison test of means or regression, nonparametric test, test for two samples, joint analysis of experiments and generalized linear model (glm) for binomial and Poisson family in CRD and RBD.
AgroReg Linear and nonlinear regression analysis common in agricultural science articles. The package includes polynomial, exponential, gaussian, logistic, logarithmic, segmented, non-parametric models, among others. The functions return the model coefficients and their respective p values, coefficient of determination, root mean square error, AIC, BIC, as well as graphs with the equations automatically.
seedreg The package is dedicated to regression analysis of common models in scientific works and others with potential for use in estimating the optimal, maximum and minimum temperature for the occurrence of seed germination.


Gabriel Danilo Shimizu Professor de estatística, mestre em agronomia, pós-graduado em estatística quantitativa

Leandro Simões Azeredo Gonçalves Professor de melhoramento genético, mestre e doutor em agronomia

Rodrigo Yudi Palhaci Marubayashi Professor de mecanização agrícola e estatística, mestre e doutor em agronomia


ATI – Assessoria de Tecnologia de Informação - UEL
Departamento de Agronomia - UEL
Departamento de estatítica - UEL
Programa de Pós-graduação em Agronomia - UEL

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